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My Info and the Updates

Headquarters gives me a proper assignment, or so they say, and I get stuck with this? *sighs* Well, at least this is better than the regular drinking that we do. Well, for starters, I’m Lumina, but Tomm and Wolf Boy call me Dani. I don’t know why I'm called Lumina....I usually keep to myself and hide in the dark. How ironic...oh well. I’m a half vamp and half lycan. I’m very proud of having the best of both worlds. Tomm is a liar, because he can’t even charm the pants off of his victims...he’s such a loser. But he is right; I have awful homicidal tendencies that must be satisfied. First of all, I am not that old. I’m only......you know what? I don’t have to justify that.

Well, since Tomm really has explained everything well, there’s nothing more to add really...Except that there’s strange paperwork arriving to my desk for Zwolf...and he hardly never keeps anything from us. I think this is extremely odd. Does it have anything to do with David? I hope so, because HQ is really breathing down our necks this time. We’ve had no real leads, except that they would be showing up at a Pub in France tonight and we better get moving. Well, must go on now, these boys are hopeless procrastinators when it comes to packing. Adieu.... *walks away*

"Requiem Renegades"

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Group Briefing...

Ah...the beggining of the end. For our enemies ofcourse. I've finally organized our own little headquarters. HAHAHA...and Schrodinger would be so jealous.

Now all I have to do is wait...and wait, for my team members to arrive. *waits* ...Grrr, I might aswell just introduce myself in the meantime. I am Tomm DeFanu, the only vampire who is not somehow not connected to lycanthropy. And most obviously the charming one out of the three...hehe. As for the rest of my team, Dani is a dangerous beaut with a hint of homicidal tendencies. But ofourse shes probably the most focused of the group, being the oldest and all. (so she says) Then theres Zwolf, the werewolf born from a experimentation the Organization did. The oldest of his siblings, or rather the other experimental subjects, he was proclaimed the most successful one. With his melancholy attitude, Im always there to cheer him up with a nice swig of beer. heh...then thats when the fun starts, but his drunkeness isn't ALWAYS a bad thing. Yup, hes a number streetfighter. NO ONE CAN TAKE US DOWN!!! Hehe, yeah!! *psychs up*

So what is our group about? Well, we are a team of mercenaries of the Millenium Nazi Organization. We would have originally been just soldiers at the underground base, but...they already have Schro and Captain there to take care of things. Along with the countless numbers of bodygaurds and mindless nazis obeying their orders. So we are sent on missions to dispose of somebody or someTHING, and end up going to different places. But this time, we were sent after a man named David, because...there has been rumors going around that the Hellsing people know 'something'. And the Milleniums want to what that 'something' is, so they sent us to follow David who is a Hellsing Soldier. Phew, here we go again on a wild goose chase. Well, thats it for now, I'll let Dani show you the rest, but for now... I think I'll just go hang around the city pub. *walks off*

Oh yeah, and a little picture a nice young mortal gave me. Not bad...for a human. ^_^

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